A study reveals that in the US, e-commerce accounts for a staggering 8.5% of revenues in retail. This figure is set to rise, and soon the average annual growth would clock extremes of 9.32% by 2020. The only way to remain makes the most of your business’s online presence you need to be active on multichannel and ensure that you are as well optimized. These mean that you need to make good use of price comparison engines, mobile applications, social media multi-site product aggregators as well as marketplace platforms as these are huge drivers for sales. It is thought that largest marketplaces which are about 18, account for up to 44% of the world’s e-commerce sales.

For this to make sense, you need to ensure that your brand provides consistent and unified customer experience in all channels. However, it is hard to keep all sync due to order fulfillment, product information, branding assets management of your inventory and shipping logistics. Doing it all alone or even if you are using a dedicated team may end spreading the merchants too thin. This is why you need to employ the following tools to aid you.

Have a seamless Omni channel presence

Acquire a Bigcommerce program to enable you to have a single hub for all of your entire sales channel. It has many e-commerce website management tools. The tool also has a social media as well as Google Shopping, eBay, Amazon, and Pinterest integrated. It will connect stock to many marketplaces. An entrepreneur can manage their sales across all the channels with the automatic syncing, and this will enable you to optimize your stock, avoid possible errors and also ease you of tiresome data entry. The program’s integration with many POS systems allows the entrepreneur to sell their products in person.  This, in the end, saves you time since all things are managed from one location, and you will appropriately manage e-commerce bottlenecks.

Feed other search engines

Another perfect tool is GoDataFeed. This eases product marketing across comparison search engines like Bing, Shopzilla, Facebook and more. With this, you can realize up to 20% of your site traffic from the comparison search engine. It is true that manually handling these platforms can not only prove to be a daunting task but also time-consuming and in the end is marred with errors. The program will provide you with a single integration point, and this will enable you to push your products as well as automating feed submissions to over 200 channels of shopping. It comes with built-in analytics which lets you measure clicks, revenues, and conversions across all the channels, through SKU.